FutureWorks is a small consulting and policy development firm that helps design strategies, inform policies, and build institutions that promote sustainable, skill-based regional economic growth and competitiveness. We are objective and thorough in our research and analysis and we customize our work to meet the specific needs of our clients. We also bring a national perspective and knowledge base to our consulting engagements and our policy research, and have learned how to distill that experience and make it directly relevant to the specific challenges and opportunities of our clients and partners.

We focus on two main areas:
Sustainable Regional Development and Workforce Education and Postsecondary Success.

Sustainable Regional Development

By sustainable regional development we mean economic development that can be sustained over time because it is aimed not only at building wealth, but also at creating wider opportunity for individuals to contribute to and benefit from economic growth. Sustainable development requires long-term and comprehensive approaches to jobs, housing, transportation, skill development, technological innovation, capital formation and land-use policies that promote good jobs and strong communities. And it requires the active engagement of the business community, in partnership with economic development agencies, local governments, and community-based organizations.

We have developed a particular expertise in working with regional business-civic organizations and in helping focus private-sector leadership and resources on sustainable development objectives. We have helped design and build new regional institutions that both organize the clout of the business community and develop strong partnerships with community groups and government agencies.

Workforce Education and Postsecondary Success

By workforce education we mean the policies and practices that support further education and training for working adults. We have carried out cutting-edge research on those factors that influence postsecondary access and success for working adults, and our policy recommendations in this arena have attracted national attention. In addition, we have consulted directly with a number of states and regions on workforce education programs, including “demand-side strategies” for skill development and innovative programs for community and technical colleges.