Featured Publication

The Challenge Ahead: Developing Talent for 51,500 New Technical Jobs by 2025  the Challenge ahead  
A call to action paper written by Central Indiana leaders with FutureWorks.  The paper lays out the ongoing challenges of filling jobs with skilled talent and calls for a dramatic shift in how the community works together to prepare for a growing economy.

Linking Growth and Opportunity: Findings from the Frontfindingsfromthefront
A national report that summarizes what regions are doing to grow their economies and create widespread economic opportunity (part of FutureWorks' Regional Prosperity Project).

Catalyzing Regional Economic Transformation: Catalyzing RegionalLessons from funder collaboration in Northeast Ohio 
A paper written with the Fund for Our Economic Future and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. 

Certificates Count: An Analysis of Sub-baccalaureate Certificates Certificates Count
This report, commissioned by Complete College America, shows that to significantly boost postsecondary graduation rate, we must reinvent higher education to meet the needs of the new majority of students who must balance the jobs they need with the education they desire.

Completion with a Purpose 
FutureWorks’ report to Indiana’s Educational Roundtable analyzes and recommends a fundamental restructuring of skill development to align with the state’s wealth driving sectors.

Other Publications

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