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蹴 蹴, also known as the circle or kick, is an activity of ancient ancient ancient times kicking, and is one of the most current news events distinctive sports projects in Chinese culture.”蹴” is a foot hunger, 蹋 or kick, this action can be traced back to the original hunting and kicking the stone ball to quarry, and “鞠” is the earliest use of leather outsourcing, inner charge rice bran.

At the beginning of 2004, FIFA confirmed that the earliest football movement recorded by the history of the history is from “蹴蹴” from 2,300 years ago.In May 2006, 蹴 蹴 is included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists as an intangible cultural heritage.

蹴 蹴 is a group of group-playable group sports, unconstrained, active and unrestricted events, so it is very popular at the beginning of the birth, becoming the pasting activities after the people.

蹴 蹴 origin

Regarding the origin of 蹴 蹴, the people said. One said that the Yellow Emperor wins behind the Emperor, I will seize his stomach and take his stomach. google news app download Say it to the soldier as a ball. However, the Huangdi belongs to the characters in the ancient legends, can’t confirm the true and false of the incident, so this statement can only be treated as a legend.

According to historical records, he has long been in the Warring States Period, and it has been widely carried out in the prosperous people in the rich Qi Dicheng, which is a popular recreational event.

Wen Shi records, this period is mainly prevalent in Qiguku City, known as “蹋蹋”, and the structure is simple, multi-purpose animal hair is entangled into a spherical shape. Because there is no need for skill, it doesn’t need a specific occasion. The streets can be carried out, and the participation of everyone is high, and it is the pasting activities after the civilians.

Han Dynasty: The first development peak

With the end of the chaos, the Han Dynasty was rapidly developed by the Han Dynasty, the economic culture was rapidly developed, and the first development peak of ancient 蹴 蹴 运动, 蹴 蹴 风 尚 民 民 民 民 民 民 民 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高Royal members have also become loved to campaign, and they will be a common entertainment project when they are in a common entertainment. Just like the Emperor Wu of Han is also loved, he is not only passionate about the campaign, but also loves to look at the performance, raising a group of talents in the palace.

Due to the love of the court, even the dance is developed. Dancers wear long sleeves. As music makes different fancy movements with their feet, the ball is flexible in several people’s cooperation, similar to now flower football, is pure entertaining appreciation.

In addition, there is a confrontational race. Because the Han Dynasty was often harassed by the Huns of the border, they always guard their invasion, so the emperors of the past great importance to the importance of military training. It is just a movement that can be exercised as an exercise, which can improve the flexibility, flexibility, speed, and endurance of soldiers. When the Han Dynasty ride, the military Huo went to the northern Xiongnu, and he trained the soldiers with a martial arts.

The 蹴 蹴 competition in the Han army has already had a full-detailed competitive rule, as well as specialist “鞠城”, a square venue, six on both sides, six players and six goalkeepers, competition The stadium is good and the ceremony is good. There are two referees on the field, and the earliest football referee has appeared according to the fair and selfless judgment of the rules of the competition.

However, in the process of military training, the fight against the game is quite fierce, allowing the two sides of the competition to pull, and the body directly collide is like the battlefield to fight in the battlefield.

Tang Dynasty: The second development peak

With the improvement of social productivity, the economic development is prosperous, and the campaign arrives at the second peak in this period, and the manufacturing of the trend is fundamentally changed. The monocity of the Han Dynasty is a solid, surface animal fur or internal organs, and it is full of feathers or hair, and the sphere is simple. The Tang Dynasty has a sphere that is different from the eight-piece leather spelling, which is more rounded, and the ball has an inflatable ball that has an animal bladder in the sphere. It is evolved into an air ball. The innovation of this technique makes the ball, but it is better to make it better to make the athletes play better.

The Tang Dynasty is a ball that uses inflatable technology in the world. According to the world sports history, even if it is known as the football origin, it is only invented in the 11th century, which is better than this. Three or four hundred years.

The development of the Tang Dynasty, letting 蹴蹴 in the form of different changes in the Han Dynasty, no longer in the ground to dig holes, with multiple people in the ball; but design invented two bamboo poles, middle pull There is a web, similar to the ball door of the modern football gate. The light of the spheres makes more people to participate in the activities, this is a new important meaning of the development of the campaign and the promotion of skills, and there is a five-flowers of kicking methods, such as double ball gates, single-ball gates, play, playing And glutinous balls, etc.

During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the society is economically, and women are constrained by the social constraint. The social status is improved. Due to the gentleness, the woman’s activities are more extensive in the Tang Dynasty, playing high, kicking the pattern, commonly known as “playing” . More than ten players such as shoulders, back, abduction, playing, knee, shooting.

Song Dynasty: Dingsheng

In the Song Dynasty, there was more popular and rapid development. I learned from the historical books that the courts of the Song Dynasty were from the emperor, and the Qi Chaosun will go to the upper social building. Even the foreign kings who visited Song Ting and the ministers are keen on participating in the activities, but not only have a dedicated commodity ball and 蹴 蹴It is also a social etiquette, and the movement has reached a heyday.

The Song Dynasty political bureau is more stable, the national strength is strong, and the government has canceled the construction of the city, the people’s freedom is high, and the merchants are operating, which has strong promoted the prosperity of the commodity economy. Therefore, more people are liberated from the farming economy and have more time to participate in sports.

According to the historical materials, there are more than ten entertainment guilds in the South Song Dynasty, and it is in the column, and it is more famous, which is Qi Yunshi, also known as “round agency. Qi Yunshi is a national civil society, all over the country In the social practice, the children exchanged the skills, exchanged the experience, regularly organized a variety of 蹴 蹴 events. In this way, the industry has formed an industry, and the competition system is therefore more detailed, there is only ten forces and ten competitions, and professional Game referee and staff.

The development of the society in the Song Dynasty is very mature. The emperor of the Song Dynasty and the male aristocratic clothing did the round neck narrow-sleeved robe, and the front of the ribbon was taken before, and the robe was tied to the right sperm, so as to make the limbs when they were campaign. Secondly, the design of “V” glyphs and the open remarks will be open, and can help heat dissipate during dramatic movement. The head is wrapped with a hat accessories such as a hat, used to secure the hair, preventing its scattering obstruction.

In the participation in the male, the actors who participated in the aristocrat banquet, they worked with red blue or red-yellow, distinctive color sports clothes, similar to modern soccer teams have different uniforms to achieve the effect of impact audience visual, active stadium Atmosphere, enhance the interest of the audience to enjoy the intestinence.

As for the women, the folk and the palace women will take the hair high up to the top, high plate high, which is to turn around and use the head and shoulder the ball. Usually, the woman will wear an open-style clothing when they are 蹴, straight and have a very narrow hem, and the supraisen is left until the knee or even the ankle, the waist is straight. Some will also have a ribbed zone, with the clothes of the clothes. At the summer, the Song Dynasty woman wore a sleeve and short shirt.

The development of 蹴 蹴, has made the Song Dynasty’s clothing have basically have some basic characteristics of modern sports and leisure sports costumes, and it has a place in color and local modeling innovation with modern competitions.

The Song Dynasty also appeared in a kick-in-law, and the artists. In Thaishe, the art of tricks, the artists rewarded the exquisite performance, and set up the training fee on weekdays. In addition, there is still a standard god worship ceremony.蹴 蹴 行 会 会 象 象 象 象 象 象 象 象 象 象 象. 行. 行 行 行 行

The Confucianism of Confucianism in the Song Dynasty had a deep impact on 蹴 蹴. When you are squatting, no matter what the status is to treat, and the gas is more expensive, so that the 蹴蹴 is more attaches importance to the collective, and the competitive firepicine is no longer strong. This gives this adventure, competitive sports projects with heavy ethical colors, which inhibits the development of such competitive sports projects, which restricts the development of 蹴 蹴. Make the 蹴 蹴 to the performance project, the social status is gradually reduced.

The policy of heavy Wenwen in the Song Dynasty, the Wen Weizhen is also a decline in the competition, and the people who are more enthusiastic about fun and entertainment, and the squats will gradually become a skillful game, and ultimately becomes a beautiful limbs showing women. Performance. Later, the foreign culture of the Yuan Mingqing reported the oppression of Han culture, and the change of the Song Dynasty and the game changed to the performance direction, causing the campaign from prosperity.

Yuan Dynasty: excluded in the officialdom

蹴 蹴 运动 is still prevalent in the Yuan Dynasty, but it is excluded in the officialdom. Yuan Wu Zong still loves to look at the minister’s performance, he has greatly appreciates money, but there is a minister to enter, saying that it is a strange technique, causing people to play, no business, the country will not be official; the local official is also unfair, accusing Ball, shooting, spurs, etc. are all active, not worth high.

Therefore, in the Yuan Dynasty, I can’t prevail the Song Dynasty. I became a performance activity of acrobatic nature. The woman played a social wind direction, and there was a human artist, in the scattered, the poems and the words. Most of these female artists are women of Qinglou, showing their superb skills for recruiting guests, and served for the children who came to play.

Yuan Dynasty people Guan Hanqing once invited friends to went to Xie Huan Qin Building to dispense, and the composition appreciated Qin Tower women and kicked gentle and smooth and natural, the most windfall, like butterfly dance, low, high. It is completely a tool for Yue Men to make the people’s tools, making it a low-level interesting in the people’s cognition, and no longer be sought after.

Second, there is a family-friendly men and women in the family. According to the “蹴 蹴 纹 镜”, the young men and women of the two officials are playing in the same field, and a pair of children will watch the battle, and there is drums, indicating that the men and women are mixed and played very common.

Ming and Qing Dynasties: Gradually Dance

The mutant’s 蹴 蹴 is completely entertainment project, and the matching system has also happened very much, no longer set up the door, divided into two kinds in the ball and kick. Kicking is mainly news just now scored by technical skills, still has certain competitiveness, rich movement, need to be designed, so there is a high ornamental and entertaining, which belongs to the fancy ceremony. It is a great interest in people, with a wide range of masses, many women love this activity that can express their posture. The ball is a relatively weak anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-counterfeit network activity. There is a professional name and declaration of detailed game methods and rules.

The Ming Dynasty is relatively perfect, there is a corresponding match rule. The teams in the team are clear, and the players of different locations have clear, fixed action requirements, no longer suitable for the common enthusiasts, reduce the universality of this activity, lost a large number of mass bases, and the spread yesterday news in hindi is more Attenuation.

In addition, the government has gradually prohibited. Zhu Yuanzhang said that after the emperor, anything in the army was strictly forbidden. If there is a scorpion, he will cut off his legs; the court palace is no longer held, and the artists have gradually lost their original s nextight. When I arrived in the Qing Dynasty, people love riding hunting, archery wrestling, and rigorous restrictions on Central Plains sports activities, Shunzhi Emperor even prohibited the eight flag soldiers, Mongolia, and Hanjun kicking the ball, making the lack of rumor surgery.

However, the blend of Mansion culture makes it a new form, ice is 蹴. The Emperor Qianlong is the founder of ice, but the ice is greatly limited by the climate and venue. As a grand ornamental ceremony can only be ornamental by the emperor. In current business related news addition, this activity only has a smooth skating of the skating skating, and there is less civilians to master, so it is difficult to carry out in the private basis.

Like the world’s happiness, the development of 蹴 蹴 sports in history has experienced low tide, climax, and decline. It originated from the streets during the Warring States Period, through the prosperity of Tang and Song Dynasties, from the court to the folk, everyone is a fan. Until Confucian culture and foreign culture have brought serious impact, gradually declined in the Yuanmingqing period.

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