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China News Agency Berlin March 9 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The German Football Association announced on the 9th that the German national team should be aaj tak aaj tak hindi news demanded, and it will immediately remove the coach in advance after the European Cup event held this summer. According to the contract, Leff is scheduled to be rejected after 2022 World Cup football.

Johim Leff was 1960. He served as a teaching assistant of the German national football team coach from 2004, and he served as the head of the German national team from August 1, 2006. In 2014, the German team of Leffishly won the World Cup champion, and his coach career reached its peak.

In 2018, the Russian World Cup, the German team was accidentally burst, and it was eliminated in the group stage. Although the question of Leff is rising, the German first cry toll free number Football Association is still in order to keep it.

“It is very proud to accompany them for nearly 17 years, and I am very proud to accompany them, I am very grateful.” Lev said that he has india news times of india experienced great victory with the players. Have bitterness. “We have experienced a lot of wonderful moments, but this is not only to win the 2014 World Cup. I would also thank the German Football Association, they can always provide the best working environment for me and my team.”

He said that for the upcoming European Cup, he is still full of power, and will make the fans bring happiness during this competition, and try to lead the team to succeed.

The German Football Association President Kleler said on the same day, Leff is one of the greatest coaches in the world of football. He fully respected the decision of the Juff, “he left the necessary time to appoint his successor.”

The famous German coach, the leader of the Premier Levilool, Klop, is a favored Leff. However, the German TV is a statement that Klop is on the 9th, he will not nytimes breaking news consider this option. (over)
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