"Finally won the championship!" The 9-year-old football teenager interviewed fire.

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  ”Final – Yu – Capture – Crown -!”

  ”Every day, attack and defense are very indian video page tired”

  Recently, Zhejiang Ningbo captain a 9-year-old football team

  Video of crying after winning the game

  Touched a lot of netizens

  I have lost the arm of injury and championship.

  I finally dreamed of a year

  This little boy is called Zhang Dong video.

  Sun Wenying Primary School, Haishu District, Ningbo

  Football team captain, fourth grade student

  October 28

  In the Hai Shizu District Primary School Campus Football Autumn League

  Zhang Dong and the players struggled hard

  Take the champion of the male B (Grade A group)!

  When I published a message after the game, Zhang Dong couldn’t help but tears.

  ”This is the fourth year I am giving school for the school.”

  I am particularly excited. ”

  ”Our team is very hard

  Finally win! ”

  Zhang Dong’s father Zhang Ming ndtv news live bengali said:

  Win the championship for the school football team

  Has been Zhang Dong’s goal

  Last year’s league

  Because Zhang Dong is injured in the game, it is forced to end the way.

  The school football team only got the fourth place

  ”Their team has strength to win

  He thinks that he is injured without winning

  There is a sense of loss in the heart, always

  Father Zhang Ming said:

  A year, Zhang Dong and teammates

  Finally won the champion

  5 years old start playing football

  Training 4 times a week, wind and rain


  Zhang Dong is 5 years old to choose football as a hobby

  School football team in the first grade

  I have been a captain for four years.

  Four training in the school

  Wind today over left and rain, never interruption

  ”Sometimes it is more tired.

  But I still want to stick to ”

  In addition, Zhang Dong’s academic performance is also very good.

  Chinese and mathematics are often the first place in the class.

  Father Zhang Ming is very supportive

  Always accompany your child to take the ball at home

  ”The child is currently in pressure

  Have enough time to learn ”

  Netizen praise: football teenage!

  I saw Zhang Dong’s crowd.

  Netizens have left a message for him to cheer

  ”I really happy, and make persistent efforts”

  ”Little man Han, refuel”

  Every sweat and tears will not flow

  Teenagers, come on!

  Source: Ningbo Evening News (Reporter: Yu Sumei, correspondent: Chi Ruihui)