"Run · Junior" 2021 Linze County Wisdom Football Challenge passion started

November 11, 2021 by No Comments

On September 18th, the “Run Bar · Juvenile” hosted by Linze top stories today County Wen China Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, Linzhi County Education Bureau 2021 Linze County Smart Football Challenge is in the fun of Zhao Community Smart Football Park. A total of 6 teams from the county primary and secondary schools, 96 athletes registration, the competition set a personal level, 2V2 four-party counter-war group competition two projects, divided schools, female group and junior high school male, four groups Don’t make a breaking news 2 game.

On the personal level, Xiaojian will clam the palm of the mock, jump, and aim at the targeting, one foot is tight, the score is rising. On the battle competition, the players showed a spinning, Lingbo’s slightly, fighting the star shift, and the enemy also friends, catching a killing, wonderful, accurate shooting, won the surrounding audience a burst of applause and cheers.

In recent years, Linze County has fully implemented the fast news tamil important instructions of Total General Secretary, “Let the Child Run”, to create a national sports fitness model county as a leader, with school sports “Six” (sunshine physical fitness, amateur training Targeting, talents cultivation, scientific and sports, general fitness, national fitness campus, brand project specialization) Convenient public sports venue facilities and rich india news live hindi national fitness events, extensive organizations carry out the “5 + 2” post-class service activities of primary and secondary school students, and promote smart sports projects in the campus.

After the competition, the students have said that they must hold a constant young people’s smart football class. Through the wisdom football, happy football stretches the physical and mental, incentive, and focus on improving unity and collaboration, innovation, ok google please show me strain disposal ability, compressive adaptability Strive to be a pursuit of wisdom, vitality.

Original title: “Run, juvenile” 2021 Linze County Wisdom Football Challenge passion ”