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Beijing time November 12th, China’s football came to the latest news. Recently, the Beijing Guoan Club announced important information through the official social platform. They expressed the formal and seven young training training agencies to complete cooperation signing, and the domestic football younger training is not In the case of perfect, Beijing Guoan chooses to cooperate with a number of young training institutions, which is obviously conducive to Chinese football.
The specific announcement is as follows: “On November 10, 2021, the signing ceremony of the Beijing Guoan Football Club and 7 Youth Training Institutions was held in Guoan Dongcheng Training Base. Zhang Zhunjun, deputy general manager of Club, Zhang Zhijun, the leader of the Department of Education, and 7 The person in charge of the training institution has completed the contract and helped Beijing youth football popularization and development.
Among them, Spartak, Space Wings, Huanyu Counsel and Hebei Guohe Four Football Clubs serve the contract, Beijing Guoan and the four-year cooperation of these four furniture, reached a consensus on football, training, and everyone Will go further in depth in the field of adolescent football Cheap Soccer Jersey players. “
From the information of Beijing Guoan Officer, it can be seen that in order to main force in the development and popularization of Beijing Youth Football, they have completed cooperation with many young training institutions, although Beijing Guoan official does not disclose more information, Lionel messi Jersey but they pay attention to yourself Construction, this is definitely a good news for Chinese football.
Because often pay attention to Chinese football, it knows that in recent years, the development of domestic football is stagnant. The competitiveness of local players is getting worse, and the Liverpool Jersey gap between Japan and South Korea has been completely kicked out, even though, internally, domestic football The development of the league is good, but some clubs have not attached great importance to the construction of young training, causing a young player who has been cultivated to kick the ball in a team.
Therefore, in such cases, Beijing Chelsea Jersey Guoan announced cooperation with a number of young training institutions. This is not only conducive to the long-term development of Chinese football, but also let Chen Wongyuan become a winner. After all, do a good job in the construction of yourself can push it. As long as more clubs learn to Guoan, Chinese football is hoping to achieve growth.
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