11.21 Football Tourism Prevent: Real Madrid is fierce, Naples or will save strength

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Original title: 11.21 Football Tourism Prevent: Real Madrid is ferocious, Naples or will save strength

GranadaThe last round of the Spanish 0-2 is ended, and the previous 10 events have achieved 2 wins and 3 flat 5 negatives. The failure rate is up to 5%, this season team 2 wins 5 flat 5 meters 11 points temporary La Liga The 17th, the results are still not ideal. In addition, they are not far from the downgrade, the team is full of war, and the new season has been stable in the main family. At present, the 5 league home can get the goal. The main force striker Suarez and Locarina complement 4 goals, and it is the weight of the team’s attack.

real MadridThe new season 8 wins and 3 flat 1 fixed 27 points temporary La Liga 2nd, only 1 point behind, the top of the list is inevitable, there is still no problem, the battle is still there, the team is on the main family 2-1 defeated Ballays Kano has kept the league www todays news com 4 even unbeaten, the morale is full, and the offensive end has to be taken into the top of 28 balls, and Ben Zema is very bright. Personally contribute 14 goals, state burst, but the team next week Also participate in the Champions League event, the team chooses to keep the strength to fight the Champions League or not.

Comprehensive analysis:The strength of the two teams is still a very disadvantage, and the two sides handed over, Granada only achieved a victory, the psychology is in the lower wind, the Granada defensive end has hidden dangers, nearly 5 home, a total of 7 goals, facing the energetic royal Madrid It is undoubtedly a snow, and the Royal Madrid is going to to news participate in the key battle of the Champions League next week, but in front of the absolute strength, Real Madrid is still faithful to defend your opponent.So the individual is optimistic about Royal Madrid is expected to win 3 points.

International MilanData of the AC Milan has been unbeaten, the status is stable, the team offensive is still powerful, and the new season has been entered into the 29th proud of the group, and the team’s home performance has excellent performance, nearly 5 home 3 wins and 2 points remain unbeaten. There are only 4 demetrics, and there is no ball in averaging. The main force of this team is the main force of Sterfan Drefray. It is also more conservative, and nearly 5 games have only one total score of more than 2 goals.

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NaplesAt present, 10 wins and 2 flat are not defeated the second place. It can have such a record. This has to talk about the team’s defensive end. The team’s defensive ability is excellent. After 12 events, only 4 goals have been lost, including 8 opponents have not been broken, and they can describe them without causing them, but this can also see their style or just being conservative. In the past 7 games, only 1 goal exceeded 2 goals, Osmene, Because of Sina, Ruis will take responsibility for the goal, and the past three people think that the team contributes 12 goals.

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Comprehensive analysis:The two sides only differed from one place on the leaderboard, but Naples had been defeated in the past 2 times, and the people will be psychologically or will be a little less resolute. It is worth noting that the absence of the main defenders of the International Milan will defense for the team. The effect will have a certain impact, and Naples often enter the competitive state, often can’t lead the opponent, both parties have a short,So individuals are optimistic about both parties.

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