11.6 Bundry Retrieving Real Madrid VS Balcano, Bordeaux VS Paris St. Man

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001 Nuremberg VS does not

Nuremberg has been very stable this season, and the league has only 1 loss. 5 wins on the standings list, the accumulation is ranked 5th, although the Palenites misses a lot of points, but the top of the list is only 5 Poor differences. The team off-attack end output is stable, and the defense end is very stable, which is the least rare team in the current league. The rounded league 0: 2 lost to Damstadt, the 11 rounds of the league were ended.

Yunda Bremen This season is downgraded in De., the team’s overall performance is ulnuck, and the results are also happy, and 4 wins 4 wins 4 wins 4 wins 4 wins. The team offensive is more active, but the output is not smooth and multi-game, and the defensive end is not small. The home of the last round of the league 1: 1 Pacific It is also a morale from the top team.

As far as the strength of both parties, although the two teams are similar, Nuremberg’s performance in the league this season is better than the opponent. At the same time, it will naturally be higher than the main battle.

Recommended: 1-1 1-2

002 Trink VS Herculer

The two games of this game, the two joints of the game are only more than three of the Herakler, which is only a few low water, and some open 0.5 discs. The team is just moving in Ajax, there is a certain pull, What’s more, the team is a passenger and auspine, it has been a three-game streak, and the two teams last year have made the panel last returned to the flat hand, and finally the two teams were flat. This game is also open to the plane, the subsequent water level does not return, but give a water level that is very Mbappé Jersey comfortable to the next plate. This game is recommended to win 1.88

Recommended: 2-1 1-0

004 Weinz vs

The Mei Zinds this season is not small, and the ranking is the fifth, nearly 6 rounds of 2 wins and 1 flat 3 losses, the defensive end has been much improved last season. Menxing is overall than last season, especially the drums are poor. The two teams have harvested a victory. The two sides have recently confounded Soccer Jersey Discountthat the Meizanta will take the door. The main battle of this game is high, but the index gives the two parties, the enemy is one. The situation, although the door is also in a high position, but it is very difficult to heat, the upper and lower discs should be more balanced, which also has a certain cover for the low-key running of Menxing. In combination with the improvement of the output stability of the offensive end of Menxing, the defensive improvement, this game is a personal recommendation of the door to win the game.

Recommended: 1-2 1-3

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