2022 World Cup Asian Qualifier 12: Don’t see football, you can’t make a real fan

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Local Time on October 8, 2021, UAE, 2022 World Cup Asia Qualifier 12, China Team 3: 2 defeated Vietnamese team.At 1 o’clock in the morning of October 13, Beijing time, 2022 Qatar World Cup Asia No. 12 III B is 4th round, the national footfield 2-3 is not enemy Saudi.

After the Chinese team was defeated by Saudi, the Chinese team was defeated by Saudi, the first 4 rounds only got a poor 3rd, while won the Japanese team and the Oman team, although the national football did not completely lost the wandering hope, it has already happened.

Foreign walks look for the lively, the inner walks, and the media often broadcast the results of the event with home and away.Today, Zhan Xiajun does not say strategies, do not say a score, don’t say the ball, come from the perspective of behavioral economics, what is “home advantage”?What is the impact on the team?Why do everyone care such thing?

There is such a book, the Nobeli economics award winner Richard Saler loves! It is the new as “behavioral economics in the competition” in Toben Moscow. In 2007, Moscow Weve won the second US Financial Society “Fei Hill Black Award. US Finance believes that Moscow Weitz uses new data ingenously interpreted the financial basic problem, only with little data is completed Tough theoretical test work.

In this book, the author takes you the “secret” behind the players, coaches, team bosses and fans behind the game with internationally renowned sports events such as NBA. Two of these chapters are specially discussed the main field advantage, Zhan Dynasty Jun is organized into a text version for your reference.

Is the main advantage really exist?

The main standstand exists in all sports competitions, just a slightly different degree.

In MLB, the winning probability is 54%, close to 63% in NBA, close to 58% in the Rugby League, 59% in the Ice Hockey League. The majority of the college basketball team is as high as 69%. The home advantage of university rugby is also impressed, and the winning rate is 64%. In Europe, South, North America, Asia, Africa, 24 different national occupational football leagues (data covers more than 66,000 games), the main scene is 62.4%. Almost every English rugby game in more than 125 countries (data can be traced back to 1871), the main scene is 58%. The International Board Competition is traced back to 1877, covering 10 countries, and the main scene is 60%.

Sports events have undergone various dramatic changes over time: basketball introduces three-point shot line; baseball increases designated hitting hands; rugby players wear helmets continue to upgrade, the material is no longer leather. Almost always exists at home. In more than 100 baseball seasons, there is never a passenger team to win more games than the home team. The home team’s lowest season was 1923, 50.7%; the highest winning season was 1931, 58.1%.

The reason for the main Football Shirts Wholesale strengths?

At home, the baseball player is better, and the ball is better; the basketball player is not more accurate; the football shoot is not more; the football passed the ball is not more wonderful. Since the main team consistently win more games, what is the fact that the factors bring a considerable advantage?

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1. The home posture does exist!

Cristiano Ronaldo JerseyPsychology research revealed that social influence is a powerful force, which can affect its behavior and decision in the case of the parties. Psychologists call this influence as “from all”, which will make the parties’ opinions from the group’s opinion. This influence may come from social pressure, or from a blurry environment, in this environment, people strive to find information from the group.

The referee is also Liverpool Jersey a person, and it will be affected by “Zhu”. At the game, when you face the huge pressure brought by the home audience, you need to make a key ruling in the far-calling where the audience is called, very natural, the referee does not consciously look for clues in the audience. . This seems that the referee seems to have a so-called “partial”.

2. The more viewers, the more obvious the main field!

“Behavioral Economics in the Competition” found that the more audiences, the more the audience is more obvious. And if the home team does not have a game without the audience, there is no advantage of the penalty.

What kind of impact will the crowd? The research personnel discovered to the La La Competition, the more people in the crowd, the more obvious the overtakes. Similarly, the study of Premier League, Serie A, German, and American Professional Football Union has also found that the higher the audience, the more obvious the referee.

The home team has no more foul rates and the advantages of the yellow card red cards without the audience. The researchers observed that the same team was equipped with the same set of referees. If there is no viewer, the favorable ruling of the main team fell by 23% to 70%, and the decline will depend on the type of ruling. The foul decline fell by 23%, the yellow card fell 26%, the red card 70%. That is to say, the same referee supervises the same two teams in the same course, and its behavior will be significantly different due to the audience.

Does the home advantage affect the results of the game?

That’s right! Will do!

First, there is a considerable economic incentive to promote the team to win as much as possible. If the home team wins, consumers, that is, the fans who are buying tickets will be happy. The better the home team, the more likely, the more likely to buy tickets, hats and t-shirts, renew the luxury suit, drink a lot of beer. The better the main team is playing, the more likely it is, it is more likely to purchase the right to raise the TV network competition. After all, many sports marketing are driven by the expectation of “can be associated with the champion”. For most teams, the number of audiences and the income of the income are synchronized, and the magnitude of the homogeneration rate is greater.

Secondly, in the football competition in the main field advantage, the referee has a huge impact on the results of the game. Once an extra dot, free kick or foul, it is possible to determine the movement of the game, because many times, as long as I enter a ball, the winning and negative of the two teams will be fixed.

As far as yesterday, the referee just did what he thinks is correct. Psychology has an old saying: “What I believe, I can see anything.” Although we will never measure or test all the decisions made by the referee, if we find that there is some judgment to be partial, it is very likely, we have not observed. Other judgments are also presented.

Finally, in fact, the number of people who affect the judgment judgment is the biggest influence of the home strength!

The next World Cup frenzy, let us wait and see! Zhan Dynasty will continue to use “Behavioral Economics in the game”, there are other good books, bring you no watching the door!

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