5pm in the morning! Li Tie made a dispute decision: Chinese football is hit hard, fans questioned

November 25, 2021 by No Comments

Beijing time on November 18, 5 o’clock in the morning, China’s football came to the latest news. Recently, Li Tie took the status of the national football when he was interviewed. He said that if you can play at home, the national football team can get 6 In the case of the competition, Li Tie issued a hypothesis that Li Tie issued some hypothesis, this is obviously a dispute decision.

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Li Tie wrote: “I have been telling the players, everything is the best arrangement, but the reality, still someone is talking, there is almost the same home, these people are really problematic, do not understand football I can now tell you, there is no home court, I have not the same home.

If this time is in China, in Suzhou, we are likely to get six points, and it is different from home. So, I am looking forward to it, saying that I am still a relatively young coach, although it is already unexpected. “

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It can be seen from Li Tie’s interview that he is very confident to himself and the national football, thinking that as long as you have a 5 point at carent newshome, although the home game does have some advantages, it is so arrogant as the main coach. The hypothetical remarks not only caused the image of Chinese football to be hit, but also attracted a lot of fans.

There is a fan saying: “Such people can be the national team’s head coach, Chen Yueyuan has X.” There is also a fan saying: “You should celebrate it is not at home, this is, if you don’t say tens of thousands of people in the home, it is very likely to have The fans rushed into the coupling and cutting yours. “” Prepare the Olympics and the full port, isn’t it better than the national football time? Holding 8 current update todaymillion days to spit hard, really tea tea. “

Of course, there is also a fan saying: “Li Tie has always emphasized all kinds of objective reasons, anyway, it is not a little problem, now he can get five points in his leadership, he still feels good, it is true. People fingers, people are fascinated by invincible! “If he does not take annual salary and remuneration. Take the basic monthly salary and life. He said that these words are still a complaint that an adult is said to the superior leadership. However, he is a super high annual salary and remuneration. You said this. Isn’t it a low intelligence? “

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