A magazine chief editor: Taishan team is about to dominate the domestic football, because of something that meets the football law

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With the two rounds of Shandong Taishan 5: 2 overcome Henan Lushan Longmen, Taishan team broke into the finals of the 2021 season, stepped forward to the champion, and next league, Taishan team will also initiate a final impact to the champion. The double crown is not possible.

The “The Main Team Beijing” magazine chief editor is all expressless:The wheel to Shandong dominate the domestic football for a few years.And forecast Shandong Football will usher Manchester United Jersey in a golden period in the next three years, starting with two to three championships, if you have a good play, the two consecutive years is not big. A simple and straightforward reason for the chief editor is: Lu Can just did something relatively compliant with the football rules, and Lu Can adhere to his bottom line when everyone insults the football rules.
It is inevitable that the return is also.

The domestic football is not dare to say, and the two crown is not the crucifix of the board, and the club Lionel messi Jersey team needs to work hard. However, the Taishan team did it in line with the law of football, and let’s see what Lu Can do in line with football law.

The first persistence of young training, no matter whether the Chinese football environment is good or bad, Lu Can adhere to the development of young training, Luo Nengfu colleague has been a number of young training institutions in China. To cultivate many excellent professional players at all levels of China, the thickness of the Taishan team is thick, which is benefited from a good young training system. At this point in the Football Salary, the Sales Salary and Super Foress Aid have been traveled, the Taishan team’s bench is especially obvious. In the national football team, the Six Taishan team is notched, the Taishan team also Cheap Soccer Jersey has injured, still advances into the Football Cup final, It is the strength of the bench, but also the constant Zhang Tamshan team that Luneng football is continuously transported.

Instead, the first time to return to the genital football in advance, during the top of Jinyuan Football, is the happiness of Huaxia, Tianjin Quanjian, etc., Taishan team sells players with the best high price, for the team Funds, like Yang Xu, Wang Yongpo, Zhao Mingjian, Zhang Wenzhao, etc., is sold at the highest price. There is a media report Chelsea Jersey that the transfer fee of these players will earn more than 100 billion to Taishan team. Therefore, the Mount Taishan team ended the golden yuan football did not blindly follow the style, and the funds of the team were fully guaranteed.

The third is that the club is reasonable and stable. After the Jinan Wen Tour, the well-operated, the national network exits the equity change to Jinan Wenbao, many fans also worry about the future of the Taishan team, but now, Taishan team The equity structure is the most stable, and the Taishan team is also a teammate who is currently not owed by the superiors.

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Adhere to youth training, respect the basic laws of football development, stable investment, such Taishan team has no reason not to China’s best football club.

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