C Luo Can led the team to win, but it is very difficult to win the championship, Arsenal is famous: Manchester United is not better.

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Now China Football Association Technology Director, China National Team Consultant, Belgian Chris Fan Puvild recently talked about Chinese football. Fan Puee said that Soccer Jersey Discount the future of Chinese football will succeed, just the problem.

Fan Pilder talked to Chinese football when I interviewed the Embassy in China in China. He said: “Chinese football will be successful, just need time. The success of football cannot be built quickly like a highway or building, it needs People pay attention to football education at all levels to cultivate next generation! “

The palagor is not rough, football is a development process that requires time accumulation, but Fan Lionel messi Jersey Puevild said this reason is hard to apply to Chinese football, just like a famous saying: “There are two kinds of football in the world, one It is modern football, one is Chinese football! “The majority of Chinese fans are also ridiculed Fan Puee, do not understand Chinese football.

“If you don’t have one deadline, I think about 10,000 years.”

“Do you need time? Is it waiting for the high?”

“I will give me 100,000 yuan a year, I also Mbappé Jersey dare to blow”

“After all, I will take the money, don’t say it, how to mix it,”

“I will definitely help talk, Chinese football can’t see hope! Time to give more time”

“Really, you give me a salary of 500,000, I came to interview me, I can talk better, leaders listened to absolutely happy”

Today, what is the current situation of Chinese football? I don’t know if Fan Pilder is clear, and the young training is a mess, the league, the national football team is not on the wall, the national character is unable to see the horizontal level, this is the status quo, I want to think about it. It is difficult than Bunden Day.

In order to political achievements, the Chairman of the Football Association will directly abandon the Zhongchao, the national football will be closed, there is no actual exercise, and the 12th game will be outstanding. The coach Li Tie is stubborn, and it is natural to make a variety of phenomena.

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