Chen Yu Ting really is really suitable for the national football team coach?

November 8, 2021 by No Comments

A strong 33-year-old strong woman, a news today network master’s degree in sports medicine, the honor of Lingnan University, 7 years of female football players, football technology and data analysts, Hong Kong Football Coaching tutor, Four-Duo Championships, Championships The door, the Best Women’s Coach, Guinness World Record Creator, China Golden latest news stories today Shuai Nominator, the National Foundation Team Main Coach, Siapin Youth Training Special Expert, French European Cup invited to explain the guests …

These 22 aspects, trial, Jia Xiquan, Li Tie, Zhao Junzhe, this three brother, which person, which ability, can you compare with others?

Hong Kong Chen Yuting guidance, whether it is age, education, qualification, honor, coaching experience, etc. …! no doubt! She is an adequate qualification condition to apply for national team women’s football coach! From all aspects of practical experience, it will domineering more than Junzhe. The world’s leading aaj tak breaking news rajasthan men’s football coach first person Chen Yuting! The two are more suitable for leading the Chinese women’s football coach! Technical high! Actively support Chen Yu Ting as a Chinese female football coach. Vote for her! I wish her good luck!