China’s football is one of the world’s wave! The front field will take the ball to have a chance to shoot, it is also very accurate!

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I believe that many fans feel that the biggest problem in Chinese football is that Qinghuang is not limited. Now the national image lacks strength in many positions. Of course, this may be a historical issue, because since 2005, our young national characters never entered the stage of the world, that is, we can’t even go even Asia. Even after the 90s, the player has been a luxury, and the national Youth Qian Ya’s race in the 01 age is not going in. It can be said that the weakness of these players has indicated that the national football future is in a vulnerable situation in Asia.

However, our national football fan does not have to be today flash news live self-purple, although the young national characters are not good, but every generation will have some excellent individuals. For example, the 91 King’s Wuliang, Jin Jingdao, Zhang Yan Zhe, 93 King of Wang Wei, Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan, 95 Va Shihao, high-striking wings, Zhang Xiuwei, etc., Zhang Yunning, Lin Liang Ming, and Yang Liyu, 97 Wait, 99 National Green Guo Tianyu and Liu Ruo Vanadium, 01 Tao Qianglong, etc. Although these young players are not as good as the role of the olders in Asia, they have developed it is to keep the national football a certain combat power, there is a certain competitive in Asia. Recently, with the end of the Super Golden Yuan era, the big foreign aid has gone to the team, and the local players have got enough game time, and the promoters of these players are also accelerating, and even let us abp majha election result live see a hopes. For example, a typical example is the midfielder of the Olympic team.

The 97-year-old teenager once leaving the Ocean Europe, and has been played in Tianjin Quanjian and Hengfeng, etc. in Guizhou, has a good performance, and it has also been the midfielder of the Olympic team of Hitod. He is a pre-waist player, but you can also play the back and side guards. He has a good foot technology, which can break through the people, and have a good pass. And recently, his defensive ability is constantly strengthening. Moreover, Zhang Yuan’s performance is excellent in Zhangyuan, but not only has the main force of the team, but also practicing his own stunt, that is, a super long-range stabling outside the penalty area.

I believe that many fans have a deep impression of Zhangyuan, which is the 6th round of the Super League. The score of the Luzhou lion, the score on the scene is 1: 1, in the 90th minute of the game, Zhang Yuan has turned over the penalty area Pumping the world waves, the ball is the response to the network, the goalkeeper has no way, this is a standard killing, and Zhang Yuan is famous for this battle.

And it is the success of this world wave and greatly enhanced Zhang Yuan’s confidence. In the recent competition, Zhang Yuan has been trying to be a remote shot outside the zone. He hopes to help the team to change the situation on the game through its own remote capacity. Just the second round of the Football Cup 1/4 final, Shenzhen team’s performance in Shanghai Shenhua, Zhang Yuan’s performance is very eye-catching, he is a two-footed world wave remote shot, and he has helped the team to change the results of the game. .

In the game, only 1 minute, Zhang Yuan did out of the penalty area, directly slammed a foot and ultra-long distance, and the ball went straight to the door, fortunately, the door will focus on the contend to fly and save the ball. Bottom line. It can be said that this feet highlights the role of knocking on the mountain shock. If it is not the door, I will be able to enter the door.

In the 79th minute of the competition, Zhang Yuan received a teammate in the penalty area, and he chose a foot super-bidding and screaming. Unfortunately, this shot angle was too unpleasant. However, such a long distance can compress the ball, and hit the range of the door frame, it has proven to have proven that Zhang Yuan’s long-range context is much.

Although there is no helping the Shenzhen team get the ball, Zhang Yuan’s two feet long batts have become the most threatened shooting of the Shenzhen team, and even many fans blunt Zhang Yuan is the world’s spread addiction. At this moment, we also clearly see that Zhang Yuan’s longjement has become a tool for the Shenzhen team attack. And when a player has a gifted in its own landmark, then he means that he is not far away from the star.

In fact, Zhang Yuan’s growth and outbreak have given hindu express newspaper today us a very important tip, that is, perhaps our Chinese young player did not look so bad on the surface. Perhaps because we have no perfect league system, our young players have a lack of experience in the growth process, so the growth rate is also very slow, so there will be a comprehensive section that has been defeated. However, with the constant complete intensity of the Chinese League system, the young players have more and more growth, and the growth is getting faster and faster. At the same time, the reform of the Super League also makes our young players have more opportunities. So our players began to accelerate, just like Zhang Yuan, only after the exercise and growth of the season, even have begun to have the taste of the star. # 国 football shocks the World Cup #

Perhaps in the near future, we will have more players my miss anand new video yesterday like Zhang Yuan to start breakout, and that is, maybe when the Chinese football is rebounded. What do you thnk? Welcome friends to discuss together in the comment area.
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