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☆ Commonwarm Big Global Entertainment’s Blood Yue ☆

I can remember, when will you end with basketball, spend another tired but hilarious afternoon; when it is, about three or five friends, gallop the campus football cnn news18 live english field. I don’t know if you remember, the badminton is moving, the buckler on the racquet, the table tennis racket on the self-confidence is …

That paragraph is with the ball, carrying our youth. Below, with our hebuters, walk into Hebei University of Technology’s ball entertainment world, experience the youthful blood of the workers!

Basketball happiness


# Story of

# 2021 lanqiu



Enter into the Campus of the Campus, you can experience the colorful campus life, where basketball is an indispensable angle in college life.

The cold after the autumn rain is relieved by basketball, and the relationship between people and people becomes more tight due to basketball cooperation. Strolling in the campus of the river worker, the sound of cheering in the distance breaks the serenity of the feet … Yes, flipkart toll free number 24×7 india this is the youth melody that echoed on the basketball court. There, there is blood, passion, youth, everything seems to be simple and beautiful. Basketball fly in the fingertips, happiness is in your heart!

Hebei University of Technology Tennis, about?

More suitable for your elegance

Tennis as a beautiful and competitive sports, the unique charm makes the world love, and enjoy the “noble sports” with golf. In addition, it is found that the research data found that tennis is one of the most beneficial exercises for human health, is the most longevity ball. Today, tennis in the river workers are also slowly sprouting, and they are deeply sought after by teachers and students. In the cold in the autumn rain, there is no shortage of students playing tennis in the school’s stadium.

National ball table tennis

The ball ping new samachar pong, conquer you, that is just the problem …

Mobish the ball skills, grasp the details, and have a bunch of bamboo in the chest of the day. In the campus of Hissor, find your partner, achievement is different.

In Hebei University, we have our own table tennis association, table tennis school team, we have made the name of Yue people in many large games, and the spirit of the national ball is constantly expanding.


Big table tennis






As the world’s most popular ball, football is also popular in Hissor, in the major competitions, the race of the river is sweating in the field, and struggles and works.

Run on the green field of Hissor, people with blue sky and white clouds synthesize the front line, outlined the rays of youth. Squake sweat, turn off all the troubles, a goal, go forward,world & national news this is the persevere and infinite pursuit of hebuters!

It is the football to show this kind of hardship, and it has achieved a lot of life!





In the campus of Hissor, I mention the most popular playing project, and badminton is really a deserved!

Bring a racket, plus a small badminton, find a small world, can be shade, green court, or a non-named small corner … will not cut our love for badminton. Record that time, just like you slowly grow …



From getting started to proficiency, only one perseverance!

Yes, volleyball in our daily lives and very visible entertainment, but this does not hinder our love for it. The Chinese women’s volleyball team creates the miracle of history, a superior record, inspiring our Chinese people, causing our “female row spirit” …

Love volleyball, feel volleyball, experience volleyball, hug volleyball.

There is no winner in the field, and there is no winner. It is because of love, let us learn to adhere to and pay, and these ball friends bring us joy and tears, record the bits and pieces of growth, rejuvenate, and let us always look forward to tomorrow. it is good!

Finally, let’s take a look at the moments of the exciting blood staying in our rivers.

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