Donghua Primary School: [Donghua? Huayun] "Five Management" highlights "I" Love Series – "Strong Health" Campus Sports League Exhibition (Figure)

November 20, 2021 by No Comments

On Soccer Jersey Discount the occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, in order to enhance students’ physical fitness, help winter Olympics, enrich the campus life, Donghua Primary School organized the campus sports league.

The first phase is performed is a volleyball match. The students’ enthusiasm is very enthusiastic. In order to win the game, all classes have worked all the time to practice, and each participating students have worked hard, and the playground has set off volleyatic hot. The cold weather also stops the students’ desire to victory. Every ball must fight, wholeheartedly, and completely complete every game. On the ground, there is a pleasant vitality.

The Soccer League is then performed. The referee is a whistle. The first football game enters white heat. You spell me and don’t make Mbappé Jersey each other. .

The campus game is highly Kits Football Kitscompetitive, competition is fierce, and all participating teams can unite in the game. For the victory of the game, they are tenacious, even if they are still in one, they are not arrogant, defeated, refused, reflecting good Teamwork Consciousness and Sports Spirit. The competition ignited the enthusiasm of the students, but also showed the self-improvement of the campus of Donghua Primary School.

Photo: Wanlin Super

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