Dreaming, Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard U19 team locks the national eight-level seat

November 8, 2021 by No Comments

Textail / Urumqi Evening News full media reporter Chen Yanzhen

Recently, the first stage of the National Youth Football League and the Chinese Football Association National Youth League (Men’s U19 Group) in 2021 ended. According to the rules of the competition, the top two of the four groups locked the national eight-strong seat. In the four games, Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard U19 team is in the second group of 3 wins and 1 negative group, which enters the country. The second stage competition will start on November 12.

The Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard U19 team owner coach Nahal Turnson said that the competition has played the spirit of Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard Football Club. All the players got the opportunity to play and got a good exercise.

The first stage winning 3 games

Time is returned on October 17th, the Yunnan Kunming Technology Football Training Base, 26 young people from Xinjiang should face the Wuhan team in this field.

In the 90-minute game, the players dare to fight, in the 54th minute of the game, Hastel Urman on the 33th, and the Snow Leopard is leading 1 to 0. Since then, the two sides can’t stale, and Tianshan Snow Leopard is in the end, holding his own door, and finally the Tianshan Snow Leopard defeated Wuhan team.

The second round, Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard U19 team is against Meizhou Hakka. In the first half, the two sides have made all the best, and there are each other. The two sides have become 0 to 0; the second half, the Snow Leopard is the first to break the deadlock, the competition is the 70th minute, won the opportunity of any kick, 10 伊 卜拉 木 · Kurban principal penalty Ball, directly broken, and finalize the score of 1 to 0 to the final whistle.

The third round of competition, the team against Jiangxi North door, 12 to 0 scores for the whole team. Including the substitute players enter the ball. Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard has also ushered in three consecutive victories.

In the fourth round of competition, in the face of Shanghai Shanggang, Tianshan Snow Leopard is not enemy in Hong Kong with 1 to 2, and encounters the first defeat.

“U19 echelon is the best newspaper queue in the club. In 2017, Snow Leopard U19 rushed into the Chinese super group from China. In 2018, he won the China Football Association’s year-old Cup runner-up. In 2019, the U19 Football Association was successful, four years ago, from China Group rushed to Zhongchao. They are often in the forefront of the ball and playing skills, in the alliance. In the Xinjiang U20 team of this year, there are four main players from Snow Leopard U19. “Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard The training team leader Zhang Fujun introduced.

Football teenage football dream

“Goal”, “winning the game” These keywords are these pursuits with football dream children.

The team of 26 players comes from all over the country. Everyone is the leader in the local school football team, and their football begins with the road, alley, yard, and field at the door. As long as there is a football, it is the happiest thing for childhood and small partners.

Abu Yipi Abuo and force this year be 19 years old, the captain of the U-19 Youth training team, home in Yining City.

In the memory of the football, it is a brother of childhood and his friends and his friends. He can only watch it next to him, or go to the ball that is kicked.

“If I have a football …” Since then, Apot, Abukuda and Li Li, loved the football, and showed a very good football talent when playing with children. His endurance is very good, the starting speed is very fast, and it is very good to the football. With these talents, the second grade, Apu Cozu and force entered the school football team.

Every week, the school will have different football games, and the Apot Abu Plaza and force are like the star on the field, through a grain, realize the football dream of his teenager.

Before graduating from elementary school, as the Yining City, Ioni, II, II, I, I, I, Ine, I., I, I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Can become a professional player … ”

There are still a lot of football teenagers like Apoti Abu Plaza and force. Hot Wood Sir Kami River is also one of them.

However, mother gave him a request: “I want to play football, I have to go to college.” In order to let the football dream became reality, he trained on the court during the day, picking the night reading at night, finally in September last year, testing Xinjiang Technology College.

“The game was injured, in the hospital bed, I also insisted on learning, I wanted to play, complete aaj tak news today in hindi live the dream.” Hot Wood Tagrakami River said.

Among the Tianshan Snow Leopard Football Club U21 echelon, there is also a young man who has a unremitting, he is Nuri Buying, Western Hot.

2021 China Football Association U21 League 3rd round Changchun Yatai 2 is more than 1 victory in Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard, the net red Youth “Nurifei Leg” is a new job in Xinjiang, ushered in the first grain of the football career.

His shake number “Nurifei Leg” has harvested hundreds of thousands of fans, and there is 4205,000 times. His dream is to become a professional player.

In his shake number, recorded his training: keep running, air over, training speed and skills on the land of their own backyard. A hole in the wall is not much better than football, and he can make him shoot.

Since he often updates his football training on google tech news the shake platform, there are many outstanding football technologies and excellent physical fitness in the video, and the pursuit of football dreams, and ultimately let Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard Young Training Team Focus on him. Last year, after the trial, Nur bought the Western Jean officially acceded to Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard, and took the first step to the dream of professional players.

Become your hometown to become your own idol

In the team, everyone has idols in their own hearts. This idol is set from them when they are young.

The idol of the hot Wood Takami River is C Luo. He was deeply attracted to the saying of C Ro: “I didn’t give up two words in my dictionary.” Hot Wood Takki River said, whenever supported, you can think of this Let him re-ignite the fight.

Brappi Town is from the Tower City, Harda indian new sex site Town, and he does not take advantage of 1.65 meters. His idol is Messi: “I will play the same position with him, the one of Messi is not high, but it can become a superstar, to win glory for the country, I have to work hard to be his hometown, mine. The motherland is glory. ”

U19 main coach Naja Turnson takes over the Qing training team, it is very optimistic about them: “Xinjiang is the output of Chinese football talents. In the current level of young training team, Xinjiang players are the show.”

The physical fitness of Xinjiang Youth Players, so many clubs like Xinjiang’s football seedlings, Luneng Foot, Evergrande, and many Super League club echelon, there are Xinjiang children. “Our football young training team, as long as it is hard to train, you will definitely pay back the excellent results.” Na Colin said, from this newspaper headlines today season’s first round of competitions can be seen, our children of Xinjiang are not The last minute does not give up hard, it is really touched.

It is understood that there are now players who are active in the Super Super Stadium, Di Limi, Sabii and other players are from Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard, has formed a Chinese football team.

In the interview, the players rushed to talk about their own, now and future football dreams: becoming an excellent professional football player, transporting fresh blood in Xinjiang, first-line football team, playing honors on behalf of the hometown, representing the country to win honors, they work hard struggle.