Inventory of football hair stylist: Bo Gaba leads the trend, Nemaar and the village, Wei Shihao also put on the list

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Increased Chinese football, our country’s fans were 嗤 嗤 嗤 嗤Recently, a Brazilian player in the team’s team, said that he likes Chinese football very much. In his opinion, Chinese football quality is good, it can be used for a long time, and he really likes to use in the game. Chinese football. Raphael said that our Brazilian is good at playing football, and Chinese are good at making football.

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Raphael also represents a lot of players to China’s views. Many people know that the previous World Cup is provided by Adivon. Soccer Jersey DiscountThe Brazilian World Cup is Samba glory. The South African World Cup is “Putian Tongqing”, 2010 South Africa The World Cup “Putian Tongqing” is very slid, it has become a nightmare that many gates will be. “Samba Glory” learned the previous lesson for innovation, its 6 propeller shape skin is spliced ??from the thermal sewing technology, the number of tiles is less than the 8th and 2006 German World Cup “team in the” Putian Tongqing “team The 14 pieces of stars, is the most round football in history, bringing better fields, touch, stability, and aerodynamic performance for the game.

As a Brazilian Arvis evaluation “Samba glory”: It gives me the first impression is a fascinating football, which is an incredible football designed for the World Cup. More importantly, this football has excellent performance in the ground and air, I am sure that all players will fall in love with it. Kasilias, the defending champion Spanish team, said: “The design of ‘Samba glory’ has a strong Brazilian style, which makes people feel closer to the World Cup.”

Samba glory and Putian celebration were produced by manufacturers in Jiangxi and China, Guangzhou, China. At present, it is Lionel messi Jersey located in Dongguan, Guangdong, with an average of a special football in an A-level game every 3 minutes. It can be said that although Chinese football is not ranked in International Football, Chinese football is presented in the global sporting market.

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For this matter, Chinese fans said that don’t say that Chinese football is not good, please say that China will not play football; we don’t play football, we are just football porters.

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