Messi is completely torn! Domineering counterattack Barcelona management, La Porta went wrong with the abacus

November 10, 2021 by No Comments

Beijing time November 2, the latest news from doordarshan olympic live the European League, recently, Messi accepts media interview domineering against Barcelona management, he said that it is willing to stay in the club, but ask for free to play for Barcelona is not suitable. This is a harm.

Messi said this: “As I said when I left, I didn’t have to stay in Barcelona. I didn’t ask me to play free. I also decreased 50% in accordance with the requirements. I do If you have all things, there is no problem, I am willing to provide more help for the club.

At that time, my wishes of my family was to stay in Barcelona. In my opinion, the Chairman’s words are not suitable, they hurt me. Because I think he doesn’t need this, this is like taken some things away from you without having to bear the consequences or responsibility, and will make how are you today google people have a suspicion that I don’t match. ”

From Messi’s interview, he newspaper article india was completely torn with Laborda, and said that it requested that the speech of vote channel free playing is a kind of harm. Although Messi’s words are not very intense, but have to admit that Barcelona management is This is really unsatisfactory at this point.

Because often pay attention to the European League, Messi has a very deep love to Barcelona, ??in order to stay in the club, he is willing to pay half of the salary. According to reason, in this case, the Barcelona club management should actively communicate and complete the contract with Messi as soon as possible.

However, Laberta will not only renew with Messi, but also dragged Argentine, and moral kidnapped Messi should play free to Barceloni, which is obviously wrong, to know, the football player’s occupation The life is very short. If you only play freely for the club, this is harm to Messi international news of today times of india and other professional players.