Naglsman: Musialla should face fierce competition, he still have something to do

November 10, 2021 by No Comments

Live Bar November 3, in the interview with Sport1, Bayern coach Naglsman was asked to the lack of playing time in Mussia, said that Mosaica said that the performance of Mussia is not worse, but other People become better.

Naglsman ok google today’s news talks like this: “The problem is not in Mussia La without playing, but other people are in the game. His performance is not even worse than a few weeks, but others become better, Saina , Gardri and Camman are very good, they have appeared in the game. ”

“Sometimes we will have six to seven offensive players on our field. I can’t let more offensive players aaj tak today new play. Musseala is in a fierce competition, he is still a young player, performing the ball and disk. Excellent, but in other respects, he still dd girnar news 2018 have something to do. ”

“When we entered the last three-third stage of the season, if he could only get 35% of the game time, it was too bad to me. But we are still in the early season, for him, he needs Step by step. Saina, Gardry and Caman and Muller have experienced these in his age, and he is no exception. He will become one of the excellent players national news headlines by date of Germany and Bayern, I am sure that he will Will be one of the best players, he needs to continue to work hard. ”