Well-known media people CHANDA confirmed: Messi will be seven-star Zhenzhu, winning the 7th golden ball, basically

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Original title: Well-known media people CHANDA confirmed: Messi will be seven-star Zhenzhu, win the seventh golden award fundamentally

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On November 9, 2021, a well-known football media person, “Sports Weekly” reporter in Spain, has repeatedly paid a bridge for Messi and C-Luo, a commercial cooperation with Chinese institutions, announced on its personal social media :

“I passed the people around Messi, through the friends around Lai Wan, through the buddies around the FIFA, also through the” French Football “(Golden Globe Selection Agency), it is really finally confirmed: This year’s Golden Globe will belong to the top Barcelona super star Messi! … “

Rani finally added: “It is generally not the most accurate, final news, we will not say Messi will win the 7th Golden Ball Award.”

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Plus the previous various message sources as a synonym, now you can conclude: Messi “Seven Star Lianzhu into Shenlong, seven golden balls”!

Rani recently introduced him to interview Messi, C Luo and other foreign football superstars, and the past to carry out business cooperation with Mero.

Ranah said: “As the earliest reporter in China, as a manager who has implemented many Chinese regions, I think it is worthy of so many years of hard work.”

As in Kits Football Kits February 4, 2008, the Spring Festival has encountered the snow disaster in a hundred years, and the Binyan and related agencies have chosen Messi, and the Huangma will give Casilla, as the football charm of China. With the support assistance; after this, the Rani also pulled Messi, endorsement of China’s largest mobile phone social chat software!

Rani also helped Messi to manage Messi’s official account in China’s largest social media software – in fact, 85% of the international stars were not written by themselves, and Rani also Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey suggested too busy Messi, but “I didn’t expect that Messi returned to this, and increased, he sent any modifications, must be original.”

When Misi came to China, Hirano has accepted the interview with Messi, while Bai Yansong’s golden sentence is also widely known: “Football makes C Lu Luo’s talent benefit, and Messi’s talent will benefit football ! “

Rani also talked about his relationship with C Luo, and about Mero, he said this:

“Because the media’s survival instance, because of some narrow, this world will be a large part of the fan is divided into ‘western fans’ and ‘Luo Mi’, as a small number of people who have turned over the hand with these two superstars, I Have to say this is a sorrow. “

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“Because, I have been reverating C Luo, and I have been admiring Messi. I have exposed to C Luo in 2004. In 2005, I met Messi, and their mutual brilliance made us more enjoyment, and felt the broad and Boda of the Star River. Strolling without regrets, no regrets “- this paragraph, very worthy of Chinese fans think and reflect!

There is no winner of this year’s Golden Award, and there is still a miracle of “Qi Xing Xingzhu” before the realization, and it is clear that he is also enough to match such a great glory!

Some people say that “the eyes of the masses are bright” – rather than the fans of a certain country, it is clear that the voting of a broader representative person should be determined, so it is more equitable and objective.

This year’s Golden Globe is selected from the voting of media people from 176 countries or regions. It is obviously more extensive representative – though there will still be some personal love factors inside, but obviously relative The extensive, professional and occupational worldwide media representative vote, is more worthy of the world more than the fans of the star.

Of course, it is also obvious, the performance of 34 years old this year is not the best moment in his career – unlike him in the past year, I have entered the world’s unparalleled 91 goals; nor a champion of various competitions In the puzzle; it is not to win the World Cup runner, and the best player of the World Cup is so high.

However, Messi can help the Argentina team winning the Americas cup after 28 years, and Messi is also the best shooter, the best player, assists in the Americas, and the “the best number of the audience” first person and ten data. The “Almighty King” of the list, this achievement is also enough to win the golden kick award.

Obviously, in the individual honor and collective honor, there is a flash of Messi, which will eventually win the national team’s honor of La Wan, as well as the Dark Ni?o, which is almost conceived. NS.

Messi has a mood of the Golden Globe, which is even more eye-catching. He said in the last phase of the “Tianxia Football”.

“If you can win the Golden Ball Award, it will also make a sense of extraordinary! I have a biggest goal (America), it is very happy! No matter if you can get the Golden Award, it doesn’t matter. “

When others are fighting for the Golden Games, Messi has hurt, insists on returning to the national team – in fact, Messi is basically determined to achieve “Qixing Jiezhu”, and his goals and hearts, in fact there is only One of the most important goals: World Cup champion!

Of course, get the champion of the Football World Competition, must have a powerful foundation, but also have the success of collective cooperation, as well as the ingredients of luck – I am 34 years old, can I win the World Cup champion, people are hard to give Predictive results.

But obviously, the mood inside and outside the course is far from such a indifferent Messi. Even if you are afraid of your career, you can’t win the World Cup, but his great achievements will not lose, Messi is obviously a history of football, one is the most Great superstar! [Original Review: Yoguo said that it is still]

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