Wu Lei graduated from this university, here there is China’s first international football college, and now join hands with Shanghai Football Association

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Summary:Football Shirts Wholesale Building a Football Specialized Talents Training System, and cooperates to promote the research of football science.

On November 11th, the front of the front, the door, Wang Lei, represents Yan Junling, represents the national festival, the 12th competition. In addition to the Chinese state, they still have a common identity: Tongji University 2021 graduates.

In the morning, the Shanghai Football Association Mbappé Jerseywas held in the Significance Ceremony of the Tongji University International Football College, and the two sides will play their respective advantages and build football professionalized talent training system, and cooperate to promote the research of football science.

China’s first international football college

The Tongji University International Football Institute was established in 2017 and is the first “International Football College” in the country. He has recruited 4 graduate students and 3 undergraduates since 2018. Nowadays, the coach of the Qingdao team is now the Qi Ming, who has served as an assistant coach Kits Football Kits in Guangzhou, has been a professor of Tongji University International Football College.

Today, many graduates from Tongji University International Football College enter the Chinese professional club, local provinces and cities. Many retired names, Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the active bodies, are also the graduates of Tongji University. Jiang Ning, Fu Huan, Cai Huikang, Dewey, Cao Yuki and other countries, all in the Tongji University International Football Institute, study systemic professional football theory knowledge.

Tongji University International Football Institute is positioned as an independent secondary school, adheres to the direction of international cooperation, market-oriented operation, forms a professional direction of football management, football economy, football training, football research, football humanities and sociology, Levels run through undergraduate, postgraduate cultivation mechanisms.

University Association work together to form a joint force

The signing strategy cooperation agreement meant that the cooperation between Tongji University and Shanghai Football Association entered the “deep water area” will be more conducive to the full development of all comprehensive resources, and continuously promote the continued healthy development of Shanghai football.

The figure said: The national football coach Li Tie has also gave the students of Tongji University International Football College.

According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will build a more close cooperation mechanism, jointly implement the judgment, coaches and other football related business work, and build a professional talent training system, expand talent development space; cooperate to promote football technology research, The construction of courses and textbook systems; Shanghai Football Association will absorb Tongji University International Football College as membership units, actively explore the cultivation path of innovative football talents. At the same time, the Shanghai Football Association also absorbed the Tongji University International Football College as a member unit, making it a greater contribution to Shanghai football revitalization.

Gu Xianglin, Vice President Tongji University, said that in recent years, Tongji University has conducted multi-level in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Football Association in football science research, football professional curriculum construction, and various types of professional talents. Excellent professional talents in football. The two sides will jointly build a high-level Cheap Soccer Jersey football talent training platform in the starting point of the new cooperation, and build a set of football professional elite talents, forming the scale effect of football talents, and contributes to the national football development strategy and building Shanghai world famous sports.

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