Zhejiang FC was awarded the second-class power Zhejiang football exploration in the provincial government.

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On the 3rd of this month, the national football team will warm up in Shanghai and Zhejiang team, and the national footholds have attracted attention. In fact, in the Chinese football, Zhejiang Professional Football Club (Zhejiang FC) has been attacked, and this furniture has been steadily in the exploration in recent years, and has established the “Zhejiang Mode” of Chinese football.

Not long ago, the Zhejiang Olympic Games at the Zhejiang Olympic Games, the Zhejiang Olympic Games, the Zhejiang Professional Football Club was first granted by the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, the U20 team main coach, and the player was awarded personal second-class work.

At the end of September, the Green City Youth Team is the first latest headlines india to strengthen the National Games in Zhejiang, and the major breakthrough of Zhejiang football is achieved, and the reform and development of Zhejiang football is fully demonstrated. Result. After 20 years, Zhejiang football finally met.

According to Jiao Fengbo, Zhejiang Professional Club, Zhejiang football always deeply plows the field of training, and the foot-on-earth is a step by step, including now in Zhongchao and China, there are many players from Zhejiang professional football club, create a solid, stable lineup Green City Football Young Training System. Unfortunately, there have been a championship, and the Shaanxi National Games finally ushered in the moment of blossoming results. This champion also represents the future of Zhejiang football to carry and pin more Chinese football.

Today, from U9 to U20, Zhejiang FC times of india articles for students has built a team in every age group. Such a perfect young training architecture, even in many medium super-giant clubs. “Single age group team, you can make every age to guarantee, which should be insisted in the future. No matter which age is getting the opportunity, you can dispatch the team.” Jiao Fengbo said.

Zhejiang professional football club U16 echelon before asked the “Jinshan Cup” with an unbealed record, it is worth mentioning that the Zhejiang U16 team “Multi-point flowers” throughout the series, defeating many strong teams, and also cover the event “Best Shot” and “Best Players” two awards. There are also active figures of Zhejiang team in the country – August this year, the 06th of Zhejiang Professional Football Club Zhao Yului, Qian Yuanfan has been selected for China’s minor U16 training and list. In this event, google news for you the two were in the country, and there were excellent play. Zhao Yu Rui scored 3 clicks in the 5 rounds of competition. Official team only 1 month, the U9 echelon is also passing through the road, and the “Taihu Cup” champion trophy.

After the commendation meeting, the Zhejiang Sports Work Conference was also held in the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Great Hall. Zhejiang Professional Football Club General Manager Jiao Fengbo is a topic that Zhejiang football representatives participated in the meeting, and made “to build a high-level football club as an opportunity to help Zhejiang football high quality development”.

Jiao Fengbo said that the Zhejiang professional football club has been adhering to the development of Zhejiang, based on young training, rational investment, and long-term success, helping the development of football in Zhejiang Province. In the future, Zhejiang Professional Football Club will not forget the initial heart, struggling to create a new situation in the development of professional football and young training construction in Zhejiang Province.

Looking back on the road of Green City Football 23 years, it is a group of idealists’ watch and guardians, with their own sweat, pay, and perseverance to escort the football in the future. Even if it is difficult, I have never given up.

In addition to professional football, Greentown will continue to launch a “playing” community league in the session, providing a fresh perspective and vitality for the development of China’s amateur football. As soon as the Greentown football, people’s mind will emerge “one of the oldest professional football clubs in history”, “football youth training template”, “National Football Champion” and other labels. In fact, the Greentown China’s public welfare football brand activities “play the ball” community football league in 2015, this year has come to the 7th year. In addition to let Zhejiang fans are in the Crown League, the Super League and China League is exchanged with the Qing Dynasty. In addition to serving the full football champion and many professional clubs, there are “Green City Manufacturing”, and the aaj ke samachar hindi community football is also in 2015. “Sprout”.

At the same time, Green City also played its own advantages in real estate development and living services, and actively promoted the football industrialization process, and multiple football town projects are in order to advance.

Zhang Yadong, chairman of the Greentown China’s Board of Directors, said: “Greentown will continue to make more contributions to football in the long-term, do our best to make more contributions to Chinese football development.” Whether it is professional football or a young training, or The fully public welfare community league, which is reflected in the “football complex” in the Greentown for many years.